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Schematics at GM Arts

As much as possible, I've tried to avoid jargon and technical detail on this site. However, some full and partial schematics can be found, indexed below. I haven't shown "wirograms" for these schematics due to the need to cater for many different components available. This is a free information site and it's just not practical to draw them all. If you wish to build some of these designs but cannot interpret the schematics, please use other sites that explain them, or pay for a trained professional to build them for you.

  • Overdrive schematics - partial designs to demonstrate different clipping techniques, and my own complete generic design.
  • Wah pedal modifications
  • Pickup wiring tricks - lots of ways to wire pickups and other guitar electronics, from standard and simple through to some quite bizarre.
  • More pickup diagrams on the FAQ page - also see the question on "Standard Wiring"

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