GM Arts Copyright Notice
Date of Current Notice:
5 May 2010
Written content and design ideas, previously and currently presented, on the GM Arts web sites: (from 2009) and (1995 to 2009), also accessible via
Changes to Conditions:
(1) From May 2010, small amounts of material may be copied strictly under conditions in section 1.1, without needing to contact GM Arts.

There are 2 sections on this page. The first section covers direct copying of information presented on my website. The second section covers copying design ideas presented on my website. If it is necessary to contact me to seek business arrangements, please be assured I have no unrealistic expectations of disproportional profits. My approach is for a common-sense and fair share based on the proportion of my work, and I expect the same in return.

(1) GM Arts Copyright - Web Page Information

1.1 What You CAN Do

Under the following conditions, you can freely link (electronically or in any published work) to any page on my site. Also, you CAN copy segments of pages (a small number of paragraphs or tables) from my currently active website, provided:

If you copy information from my site in this manner, it would be courteous to let me know.

1.2 What ELSE You CAN Do

If you wish to do more, such as any of the following:

You MUST contact me to seek my approval and make appropriate business arrangements.

1.3 What You CAN'T Do

Simply, you can't copy information in any manner that does not meet the guidelines above. Specifically, information must not be copied and reproduced as your own work and/or sold without my permission.

(2) GM Arts Copyright - Design Ideas

Designs on my site, past and present, include partial and full schematics as well as conceptual design ideas. They also include the design and coding of the GM Arts website and pages. These generally fall into one of 3 categories and in most cases are clearly identified. If you are not sure, please contact me for clarification.

2.1 Someone Else's Design

Where I've shown someone else's design (such as a partial circuit of a popular overdrive schematic), copyright for these designs belong to the manufacturer, so you should contact them for their conditions.

2.2 Common Designs

Where I've shown a common or popular design or convention, well known in the industry (such as how to implement coil-tap switching on guitar pickups), I have no copyright interest, rights or conditions for these. They are well known and can be used by anyone.

2.3 My Original Designs

Where I've presented new ideas not in common or popular use (such as coil tap linking for guitar pickups):